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Stacy's Bloody Mary
Pulled Chicken

My Bloody Mary Pulled Chicken sandwich ​will blow your mind with its savory flavors. Whoever would have thought you could use a Bloody Mary Mix to make an amazing sandwich that would be mouthwatering? I sure didn't until I created this unique recipe. Open up your mind and try this delicious recipe!! 
  • 3lbs Boneless Chicken Breasts
  • 1-2 Jars of Stacy’s Original Bloody Mary Mix or Smoked Bacon Bloody Mary Mix
  • 1 Dozen Brioche Rolls
  • 1lb Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • 1lb New York Style Coleslaw
  • Place chicken breasts in crockpot and pour in 1 or 2 pouches of Stacy’s Bloody Mary Mix.
  • Let it cook for 5-6 hours then shred chicken with a fork.
  • Place shredded chicken on a roll and top with cheddar cheese then top with New York Coleslaw.
Pulled Chicken.jpg
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